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Best Experience

This literally was the best experience with an attorney I have ever had. He was very fast and thorough gathering all of the information needed and getting the proper paperwork filed. When I would call him or email him I would get immediate responses back from him not a secretary. We had 1 court date and everything went perfect. If anyone is looking for an amazing family attorney I highly recommend giving Tad Davis a call!!!

Brandi Cook

Compassion and Understanding

The Law Office of Tad Davis is your number one place to go to for your Family Law needs. He takes time to listen and explain your options. He is a lawyer with compassion and understanding for difficult situations. He won’t lead you astray and will always give you honest opinions. I’m so glad to have chosen him as my Lawyer.

Theresia Furuseth

Great to Work

Tad was great to work with on the adoption of our son. Would recommend to all my friends.

Jason Waldrep

Sincerely a Pleasure

It was sincerely a pleasure to both meet and work with Tad Davis in my most vulnerable situation. I will not get into the intricate nature of my case, however, I was exceedingly pleased with the professionalism Mr. Davis had demonstrated, along with impressive skills and prior knowledge he was able to bring to the table and help me with my situation. His creative approach and understanding of my situation helped bring a great sense of ease and confidence in knowing that my case was moving forward towards the best possible outcome. Sincerely, thank you Tad!

Catherine Layton