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Child custody can quickly become a heated topic at any point for any former couple. At the Law Office of Tad Davis, we are parents ourselves, and we understand that you always have your child’s needs at heart. We aim to make child custody decisions go smoothly for our clients. We will make sure your wishes are presented clearly, highlighting your priorities throughout the negotiation process, and find a resolution that works for you, and of course, for your children.

As with most states, Arizona judges will look at the child’s “best interests” to determine what kind of parenting relationship each parent will have with their children. In Arizona, we no longer use the term “custody” but rather have divided that up into two areas of focus. The first is legal decision-making, which refers to a parent’s legal right to make a decision for their minor child. The second area is parenting time, which involves the schedule that the parents will follow in spending time with and dividing up responsibilities for their children.

Whether by agreement or after a trial, Arizona courts require both parents to have a parenting plan, outlining a number of agreements about how they will raise their children together. The plan does not necessarily divide parenting time equally between both parents, but it can provide a reliable system that works for everyone. Your parenting plan might include details about where your children will go to school, where they will stay during holidays, how you will make major decisions together, and how you will resolve disputes.

The parenting plan can be an excellent tool for many parents, especially when it provides for later changes in the child’s life. Whether you get along with your ex-spouse or you are struggling to reach an agreement, our attorney can help you devise a comprehensive plan for the future. We will also mobilize all of our talents and resources to assist in situations where the other parent has violated a child custody order or you need to pursue a modification of an existing order.

With our innovative, out-of-the-box approach to problem-solving, we can explore many different ideas before pinpointing the best way to meet your family’s needs. Call the Law Office of Tad Davis for the effective legal support you and your children deserve.