5 Key Benefits to Having a Parenting Plan in Place

When you and the other parent of your child are no longer together, it is a great idea to create a parenting plan to organize custody and visitation time. A parenting plan is a document that specifically sets out when the child will be with each parent. It also describes how major decisions about the child will be made, such as healthcare, education, and religion. Although some former couples may be able to fully Read More

The Impact of an Extramarital Affair on an Arizona Divorce

As you can imagine, adultery can turn an already stressful divorce into an emotional firestorm. It may be tempting for couples to play the blame game in their divorce proceedings. The question is, can a history of cheating legally affect the outcome of your divorce? In most circumstances, an extramarital affair will not affect your divorce case.  However, there are a few exceptions in which an affair or decisions Read More