4 Tips for a Strong Parenting Plan

Perhaps the most complicated decision you will have to make when finalizing your divorce is creating a mutually beneficial parenting plan. There are many things to decide, which will all be influenced by a number of factors. Are you going to be living in the same area or do you plan to move to a new town? Do the children’s school activities coincide with your job schedule? Considering these logistics is vital in Read More

4 Ways to Financially Prepare for Divorce

The cost of divorce usually consists of legal fees and lawyers' fees, and it is determined by different factors. Whether you are using a common lawyer or have an independent lawyer is one of the factors that will significantly impact the overall cost of your divorce. However, while sharing the same attorney may save you some of your lawyers' fees, you need to understand that your ex-spouse's legal counsel is not Read More

5 Bad Pieces of Divorce Advice You Might Hear from Others

Divorce signifies the end of your marriage, and it can give you a good opportunity to self-reflect and restart your life from a different perspective. Before you put the final ink on your divorce agreement, however, you will likely get several pieces of advice from well-meaning people on how to go about your divorce. Some of this input can actually come in handy during this difficult time, but a lot of it may throw Read More

What Exactly Are the Child’s Best Interests?

During the divorce proceedings, the court usually pays particular interest to child custody matters. When determining custody, the judge evaluates schedules that suit the children, depending on different factors. What exactly are those factors? Read on to find out. Arizona Revised Statutes 25-403 outlines exactly what the court must consider when determining the best interests of a child when it comes to Read More

4 Situations Where You Might Need to Modify Your Divorce or Custody Agreement

When it comes to divorce agreements there are times when it makes sense to go back to court and formally modify the terms of your arrangements for parenting time and legal decision making. For simple things, like swapping weekends, there is usually no need to make things formal as the time and effort involved to have the Court sign off on that kind of change outweighs the potential benefit.  But as your personal Read More

5 Myths About Divorce

A divorce is one of the most stressful, emotionally taxing events in life. On the other hand, it can also be a very liberating process when the marriage in question is toxic and no longer productive for you and your partner. Unfortunately, many people go for a divorce with the wrong goals in mind and are often disappointed when the outcome does not meet their expectations. Before you initiate the marriage dissolution Read More

Arizona Family Law: Understanding the Difference Between Joint and Sole Decision-making

In Arizona, when couples divorce they can either agree on how they will make decisions or put that issue to the courts.  In either event, the primary question the court will decide is what is in the children’s best interests. Generally, the courts may decide to give the parents either sole or joint custody. Joint custody applies when both parents must be actively involved in the child's upbringing while sole Read More

A Fresh Start: 3 Ways to Adjust to Life After Divorce

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance -- the five stages of grief. While we normally think this applies to a tragic death, you can find yourself dealing with these emotions following a divorce. Getting through these stages can feel like a daunting task; however, there are certain things you can do to overcome even the most difficult of divorces. Here are a few of them.   #1. Reflect on the divorce Read More

Alternatives to Divorce: Understanding Legal Separation and Annulment

Many people wrongly assume that a divorce is the only way to legally end one’s marriage. While that may be the case in the majority of situations, divorce is not the only option. Another option available to you in Arizona is an annulment. To be granted an annulment in Arizona, you need to show that the marriage was invalid (or void) from the start. An example of this would be if either you, your spouse (or both) Read More

How Does Step-Parent Adoption Work in Arizona?

You’ve married the person of your dreams, and to top it off, you also have step children that you love like they were your own. Now you want to adopt them and make your new family complete. Adoption represents a powerful bond between you and your new children because you will be saying to the world that they are now legally your children, along with all the responsibilities that that role comes with. After all, you Read More