4 Situations Where You Might Need to Modify Your Divorce or Custody Agreement

When it comes to divorce agreements there are times when it makes sense to go back to court and formally modify the terms of your arrangements for parenting time and legal decision making. For simple things, like swapping weekends, there is usually no need to make things formal as the time and effort involved to have the Court sign off on that kind of change outweighs the potential benefit.  But as your personal Read More

5 Myths About Divorce

A divorce is one of the most stressful, emotionally taxing events in life. On the other hand, it can also be a very liberating process when the marriage in question is toxic and no longer productive for you and your partner. Unfortunately, many people go for a divorce with the wrong goals in mind and are often disappointed when the outcome does not meet their expectations. Before you initiate the marriage dissolution Read More

Arizona Family Law: Understanding the Difference Between Joint and Sole Decision-making

In Arizona, when couples divorce they can either agree on how they will make decisions or put that issue to the courts.  In either event, the primary question the court will decide is what is in the children’s best interests. Generally, the courts may decide to give the parents either sole or joint custody. Joint custody applies when both parents must be actively involved in the child's upbringing while sole Read More

A Fresh Start: 3 Ways to Adjust to Life After Divorce

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance -- the five stages of grief. While we normally think this applies to a tragic death, you can find yourself dealing with these emotions following a divorce. Getting through these stages can feel like a daunting task; however, there are certain things you can do to overcome even the most difficult of divorces. Here are a few of them.   #1. Reflect on the divorce Read More

Alternatives to Divorce: Understanding Legal Separation and Annulment

Many people wrongly assume that a divorce is the only way to legally end one’s marriage. While that may be the case in the majority of situations, divorce is not the only option. Another option available to you in Arizona is an annulment. To be granted an annulment in Arizona, you need to show that the marriage was invalid (or void) from the start. An example of this would be if either you, your spouse (or both) Read More

How Does Step-Parent Adoption Work in Arizona?

You’ve married the person of your dreams, and to top it off, you also have step children that you love like they were your own. Now you want to adopt them and make your new family complete. Adoption represents a powerful bond between you and your new children because you will be saying to the world that they are now legally your children, along with all the responsibilities that that role comes with. After all, you Read More

5 Ways You Can Financially Prepare for an Upcoming Divorce

Divorce is often an emotionally stressful and taxing time in a person’s life. It is easy to overlook the need to have a detailed plan on how to get through the divorce as well as how life will look afterward. One of the most important aspects to plan ahead for is one’s financial health. Here are some steps that can help you financially prepare for your divorce, and life afterward: 1) Open your own bank account Read More

Breaking the News: How to Let Your Family and Friends Know That You’re Getting Divorced

We all know that divorce can be tough on the parties involved, but close friends and family members of people going through divorce may also have a difficult time processing the news. This is especially true if you and your spouse share a social circle or have grown close to each other’s families. If you’re unsure of how, exactly, to tell your friends and family you’re getting divorced, we’ve put together a few tips Read More

4 Tips for Staying Sane During Your Divorce

Everyone knows divorce is difficult, but it doesn’t have to control your emotions. If you are going through a divorce, you may be coping with feelings of loneliness, anger, guilt, or depression. You don’t have to let your emotions get the best of you during this difficult time, however. Whether you’re in the middle of a divorce or just thinking about it for the first time, consider these four tips to keeping your Read More

Understanding the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act or PKPA

Co-parenting is tough, but doing so across state lines can be even more difficult. To ensure parents did not violate child custody court orders of other states, Congress passed the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (“PKPA”) in 1980. Nearly 40 years later, this federal law continues to impact child custody arrangements today. Read more to find out how the PKPA can impact your custody arrangement if your former spouse Read More